R2P2 GuidelineS

In the Practical Data Scientist Training Program, we are developing R2P2  (Requirements for Real-world data Practicum Programs) Common Guidelines with the aim of spreading educational programs centered on "real-world data practicum". By using these guidelines, "Real-World Data Practicum" can be shared among various programs.
R2P2 Common Guidelines
Unbundring and Sharing of an Educational Program Based on R2P2
The basic elements of R2P2 can be utilized in parts according to the characteristics of each education so that the program can be flexibly configured to meet the educational objectives.
The following is a diagram of the educational content and mentoring resources held by the Mathematical and Data Science Center, Nagoya University, organized along R2P2 and developed into various educational programs.
In the Practical Data Scientist Training Program, which is part of the Practical Data Scientist Training Project, we are expanding the program to our partner universities and also to WISE Programs (Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education) including DII and TMI.